Monday, June 22, 2009

My Music is Real

I can count the number of concerts I've been to on one hand. And you know what, it doesn't matter. To me, music is purely the audio experience. I don't even know what alot of the bands look like that I listen to. So why is it so important to so many people that music has to be connected to a band, image or record label? I'm not sure but it doesn't make the music any more real to me. Music is the sound. It's the emotion - how it make me feel when I hear it. The music is what is real.

I record music and unfortunately for me, most people don't view music the same way I do. I don't have a band, image or label to make my music more "real." My music is audio only. You don't need me prancing about in a music video or stumbling around on a stage in a crowded, smoky bar to prove it's validity. You don't need a shrink wrapped, over priced CD or a download from iTunes. The music is all there for you to hear. Why don't you have a listen:

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  1. true that

    also, you forgot to mention over priced concerts where the fans are treated like cattle