Friday, April 9, 2010

And for my next trick...

I've made a decision about my Zlythy game project. Because of delays (with a potential coder), and my own inability to code anything, I've decided to make my project a full-blown notgame. It was barely a game to begin with. On reflection, to a certain extent, I believe I was attempting to candy coat it - to make it more "gamey" and less artsy.

As an artist and musician, I've always felt like the three were separate, which was always a frustration for me. Zlythy will allow me to combine all three. It will be my next project and will include my music and video work as well. My next Shadowjack album will be the soundtrack for Zlythy.

In more current news, the new video for Stones is complete! You should see it on YouTube within the next couple days.

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