Friday, January 2, 2009

Dream Music

I dream about creating music or hearing music I've never heard in real life. Unfortunately, the ideas don't last into waking reality or if they do, they don't seem is interesting as they did in the dream. More rarely, I dream about art and design but I've found those few times a bit more inspiring. This is the case with The Fall of Man/Groovefuct. This album was literally conceived in my dreams. I didn't hear music (at least, I don't remember it) but I very clearly remember seeing the CD booklet of a Shadowjack album that doesn't exist. It was complete with layout, text treatments, cover art and even a new Shadowjack logo! The logo you see at the top of this blog is exactly what I saw in my dream. This has pushed me to create the music to accompany the CD design I saw. I believe it is turning out to be some of the best music I've ever done. I'll be posting a track or two soon. Thanks for looking and listening!


  1. Looking forward to hearing some new tunes.

  2. Count me in on that too....since you aren't in-world performing much lately, I have had to be content with listening to downloads of your music.

    Hurry back...can't wait to hear the new schtuff!