Sunday, February 15, 2009

Delete Format Forget: The Industrial Years, 1997-2007

I'm already thinking about the next album release I will do. It will be a final and complete release of the material I worked on from roughly 1997-2007. This will be all of my Industrial/Coldwave influenced stuff. Those were a very difficult 10 years for me. I worked on alot of material for others but my personal music output was extremely low. It works out to be about one song for each year. On a side note, I've already recorded half that many songs in the last couple months working off and on for The Fall of Man/Groovfuct.

Even though my output was low, I'm still proud of the material. I'll remaster songs that need it. Some of the material only exists now as 128kbps mp3 as the original wav files and recordings are lost so I will do what I can to make those sound as good as possible.

Of course, it will all be licensed under a CC BY-NC-SA license with the audio bits for the songs, where available.

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