Friday, April 10, 2009

Doesn't Play Well With Others

Asperger's Syndrome has become a big joke on the internet. This is unfortunate as I really do suffer from it. I have an official diagnoses and everything. It has caused me alot of problems in my life. It's made the simplest interactions with people incredibly stressful and has been a very large component in the severity of my problems with depression.

Basically, I can't work with others.

It's highly unlikely I'll ever be able to have a band to play my material live. I still want to play live though. When I played in SL all the parts except the guitar were prerecorded. However, this new material has alot more guitar parts and I think it would sound really weird to have guitars coming out of nowhere. Playback of electronic parts like drum machines and synths are one thing but I believe live instruments should be played live. What I will have to do is rework my material so I can play it all by myself. I'll have to strip the music down to it's basics. I have some ideas about how to get a really big, full guitar sound and I can probably emulate a bass with an octave pedal.

I don't know what else to do.

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  1. For the guitar situation I recommend getting a decent amp modeler. For vocal effect I recommend a vocal processor like a Digitech Vocal 300 or 400, that is what I use.
    As for the playing with musicians issue, most musicians don't play well with others unless it is a boring "jam" band. I have been trying to find a drummer here in Fort Wayne, it is like trying to ice skate uphill.