Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Music Now Hosted on Bandcamp

Thanks goes to Dan from Life Toward Twilight for suggesting this site to me. There are several big advantages to - first is that it's free. Second is that it automatically creates just about any audio format you could possibly want - mp3, FLAC, Ogg, AAC and more. The page is easy to set up, no fugly clutter like on MySpace, iMeem and other such sites. The only down side is the lack of options to set more details in the tags, like the genre for example. But they are still working on it, adding feature and such. Plus, I think it's much nicer than MediaFire and it saves me alot of hassle and lowers the chance that I screw up the tags again. You will have to give me your email though (I promise not to sell it or give it to any nasty spammers). And I'd appreciate your real email. I think that's a fair trade though, don't you? You can even get a nice, simple, clean-looking player to put on your website, MySpace page, blog, etc. Check it out:

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