Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PC Out of Commision

My PC (i.e. recording studio) is not usable ATM. Backup solutions are also a no go. An old college friend suggested I "get a Mac." That's a rather annoying suggestion. While it would be nice to be a shiny, happy Mac person, the cost is prohibitive. Actually, that's not quite correct - the cost is simply impossible. There is a difference between being cheap and being poor. Cheap is when you have the money but don't want to spend it. Poor is when the moolah simply isn't there. I fall into the poor camp. I may be able to get the parts for a new PC but I don't know how soon. Certainly not this week, perhaps not even next. We'll see. In the meantime, there will be no new music. Sorry. :(


  1. I'm not a fan of Macs any way. They are too much of a style over practicality computer, and I simply have no use for that.

  2. I don't want to come off sounding like an Apple commercial but Macs use high quality components and have tight quality control. Plus, OS X is a fine operating system (and the solid BSD underpinnings appeal to the geek in me) also I'm not a fan of Windows. If anything, most Windows machines are pretty damn junky. Especially the crap sold at Wal-Mart. You get what you pay for when it comes to PCs. You can order the parts and build a high quality PC (which is cheaper than purchasing from a boutique PC maker like Alienware, which is even more expensive than a Mac!) but it's a hassle, especially when all you want to do is turn the thing on and start making music. Most prebuilt Windows machines have a horrible mess of shovelware that has to be removed. Then there are all the hassles of drivers and dicking around with anti-virus software. Besides that, the Linux user in me hates Microsoft and their business practices. Windows kind of sucks. But there are other problems - I'd have to get all new software for recording and that would also add to the cost of switching to Mac (Garageband probably wouldn't be adequate for my needs). If I had the dough, I'd get a Mac in a heartbeat. But until I have €2000+ in change laying around, I'm stuck using a Windows machine. Dual booting Linux helps alleviate the suffering a bit though. :)

  3. Shane,
    I made the suggestion because, like you, I was a PC user for years... I was getting old PCs and upgrading ram, hard drives etc... it was great because I learned the insides of a PC and how they work etc... thing was I was fixing my PCs and laptops almost weekly... I wasn't getting any work(music) done... well...when my 4 year old laptop finally died, my friend gave me his old G3 tower... after two months learning the new OS I noticed that it never once crashed on me like my old laptop and that I never once had to "fix" it... so when I sold my car because I wanted to not put any more money into it, I bought a macbook and within days I was making music and art and was productive and i've never looked back... even when I'm on a PC using linux it still isn't as elegant an OS as a mac.... also you wouldn't need to get new software because macs run PC software(very well I've heard...I haven't tried it) and a refurbished mac mini costs average of $500US? C'mon man! All the parts for a new PC would cost at least that much if not more... You dont need the latest G5 that costs $2000US, you are recording audio...I don't know the situation in Italy but I'm guessing that macs might be much more expensive than here in the states.. but there's ways around that too... like getting someone to buy it in the states and shipping it to you... Dude I've been there and I'm not rich....I've been on both sides of this and, for me, mac wins... Ok..my fanboy rant is over... it does suck that your studio is down...

    Your old college buddy,