Saturday, May 16, 2009

Final Update (For Now)

Several years ago, the monitors I used to mix my music blew. I had a very difficult time mixing and mastering my audio after that. So much so, I messed with the same few tracks over and over for 2 years and never really finished them. My output slowed to a crawl. Last year I had a jolt of inspiration and finally decided to ignore my lack of adequate monitoring and take a more lo-fi approach and not worry about perfect audio fidelity. Then, my trusty old Darla 20 audio card, the heart of my recording studio, finally died. Despite that, I decided to push on with a crummy old mini-jack hobbled Ensoniq AudioPCI card. Then more problems cropped up - my hard drive became unstable AND my video card died.

And then yet more problems arose... to make a long story short, I had a string of hardware failures. Expensive hardware failures. Hardware I can't afford to buy. And I'm still dealing with them. We (my wife and I) managed to scrape together enough to replace my motherboard, CPU, RAM and video card so I could rebuild my PC. However, I'm still lacking a usable audio card (built in audio simply doesn't work with some of my software). To top it all off, because of a bad power cable when building the new PC, things have become unstable. USB isn't functioning properly now so I have to send all the parts back for replacement.

These hardware failures coupled with the inability to purchase critical hardware like an audio card and an external storage solution for backups gives me little choice but to put Shadowjack on hold indefinitely.

I'd like to thank the few of you who cared. Your encouragement kept me going. Unfortunately, encouragement and caring doesn't buy expensive hardware. I can't record music on good vibes.

Dreams are cheap, making them reality isn't.


  1. That's sad. What you did was really great - more than many people manage to accomplish. Who knows what the future holds?

  2. That is a bummer man, hope shit gets better for you so you can make more tunes.