Sunday, January 9, 2011

Goodbye Unity3d, Hello UDK!

I dumped Unity, yay! Aquin (the coder guy) didn't mind at all because Unity was pissing him off anyway. Unity free version is ok, unless you want all the graphical bling and support for mobile platforms. You pay extra for each and every one of those things so the cost runs into the thousand of dollars if you want the good stuff. Unity3d ain't so free after all.

I've already created the terrain for the island and figured out how to import skeleton meshes and animations. I can import all my Blender created assets with no problems. Now I'm trying to wrap my head around materials. I suspect materials are going to be the most difficult thing about learning UDK. It's 180 degrees from Unity. Unity is three slots: color, specular and normal. That's it. UDK, it's all about the materials. You can even animate objects with the material editor. It's so insanly complex. UDl is pretty damn awesome.

I'm impressed with UDK's capabilities and the price is right - $99 USD for one of the best game engines available. It ain't free but it's pretty damn close.

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